Saturday, September 11, 2010


A man named Notch single handedly coded and currently updates a game called 'Minecraft' which is essentially a block based exploring/spelunker game. The game is in Alpha right now and should be in beta soon. It has multiple game modes including Classic, which has unlimited resources and it's mainly for building different creations with your blocks. Classic has both single player and multi-player so you and some friends could build different creations together. The other game mode is Alpha (the main base of Minecraft) is a mode where you start in a randomly generated world with 0 resources and have to gather different types of resources whether it be dirt, wood, stone, iron, diamond, etc to survive. You can play the classic version for free but if you want to experience the game fully you have to purchase it through paypal for around $13 or 10 euros. The price will be raised when Notch finishes updating the game through alpha/beta so it's best to buy it now. There are other modes you might know about if you played through early alpha but at the moment the main ones are classic and alpha. Check out Notch at or check out Minecraft at!
TL;DR Minecraft is an awesome game, check out links.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Following Guide!

want to have more people following you? here is how.

when you follow someone, your picture is in their list. when your picture gets clicked two things are important.
first your blog must be linked in "links", otherwise people can't find your blog.
the other import thing is that you need to have a picture (preferably a meme). dont ask my why but i tend to click more on people that have a picture.

to get even more followers, click on the followers of blogs you follow, follow the followers and write comments with a link to your blog.

check your own list once in a while and follow everybody that follows you.

link this article in the comments of blogger who only have a few followers.

most important: follow me at

i follow back if you have a link linked.
Sorry to seconddayofprison..forgot i changed it :O
Thanks to him for posting this.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hello my /b/rothers and other peeps. Thanks for looking at my blog and I will make sure to look back at yours.  thanks. In the meantime, have a look at this awesome comic I sawFunny Pictures mesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosismesothelioma prognosis